Charity Army is fighting real issues that are hindering vulnerable youth throughout all nations and families in crisis. Jhustin and his team travels worldwide to be a light of hope for those walking in a less fortunate situation. There are millions of youth struggling with neglect, abuse, starvation, and much more. God called Jhustin and gave him a vision to be a vessel of hope for children all over the world. While traveling and doing tours worldwide, he spent off stage time serving the less fortunate ones, going into villages and other places where people are really suffering. Their pain and struggle filled his heart with a deep compassion for them. He knew he had to do something to give a voice to the voiceless and show them there is hope for a better future. “I have a love for these people and I want them to know that, through it all, there is hope and there are people that care,” says Jhustin.

My executive assistant and I started Charity Army to target the serious issues that are attacking the nation’s and world’s most vulnerable. This is your call to action. We invite you to catch our vision and join alongside us to get involved in this good fight. How can you help? Whether you choose to contribute your time, voice, resources or talents, we can all have an unlimited impact together! Sign up now to get involved.

— Jhustin Hall

Make an immediate and lasting difference!

Our prayer: “Jesus, you have given us hope, and we no longer have to fear tomorrow because you live.” —Jhustin Hall, CHARITY ARMY