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When somebody strays far from the peaceful shore, they usually do it unaware - they do not intend for it to happen. After they stray, they will be down and out and need someone to show them deep love and compassion. Many consequences show up in their everyday lives which make them feel uncomfortable and even seem unnatural to them.


We have all needed extra grace and mercy at some time in our lives, whether from God or from that person who caught us on a bad day. Living this Christian life is not just a walk, it is a marathon. Grace and mercy will help us get through this race. Every day when we wake up, we face another day of our race. We should all be thankful to God for all the grace and mercy He showers on us, even for being alive another day and bless His Holy name.

"If I’m not helping people find God through my music and speaking to others about the Journey I have been on, then I MIGHT AS WELL GIVE IT ALL UP.”


Trusting his intuition and leaning into his faith spurred this veteran artist to create this deeply personal first solo album. “I came to a place of contentment with God, no longer concerning myself with the excitement of the big lights and the thrill of rising up the billboards or even the challenges being entrenched in the business side of the music industry.”


Since Jhustin Hall has been blessed with a new outlook on his life as a Christian man, he now believes that “The most important thing to me when I step on stage or when I work in the studio recording a song is to ask myself - Does God get the ultimate glory from this song? Will God’s will be done through this song? Will this song draw people to Christ? If I’m not helping people find God through my music and speaking to others about the Journey I have been on, then I MIGHT AS WELL GIVE IT ALL UP.”


His life as a Christian artist and an author has continually fueled his work and made Jhustin Hall one of the most influential artists in any genre of music. Starting off as an independent artist, he worked his way to the top, including producing his own record label. 


Immediately after his first album, The Holy Ghost Fell on Me, dropped in 2015, Jhustin made his first international tour in Puerto Rico. The one-month tour was a huge success, landing him two hits from his first album, Just a Little Bit of Love and Turn it Over to Jesus. He quickly became very well known on the island, selling thousands of albums. Many great opportunities presented themselves to the artist to tour with many Latin singers such as Alex Campus, Jesus Adrian Romero, and many more influential artists. The Holy Ghost Fell on Me spent seven weeks on the charts there, giving a good jump start to his career.


By then, he was selling albums worldwide in all countries and states. “I knew God gave me this ability to write songs for His glory,” he said. “I knew what I was expressing was real and from the heart. At some point in our lives we must give our all for Christ. He gave us this life for a great and eternal purpose, so I feel it is my responsibility to offer people all over the world, in all walks of life, the wisdom, courtesy, and love I’ve gained from the road I’ve traveled on. That’s what God has called me to do right now.”


Before his solo career, Jhustin Hall was both a main guitarist and a backup singer for various artists, but with his new calling from God, his perspective on life and his career direction changed dramatically. “I do love people, but my career is now shaped by my more personal and closer walk with God. It is hard for me to imagine me living out my previous career as an artist anymore, being in a packed van with too much drama and being overly concerned with everybody else’s opinions and feelings about things. Seeing how different my life is now, I can truly say that I love my new journey as a solo artist.” 



While he was touring around the world for two years straight sharing songs from his album, The Holy Ghost Fell on Me, God gave Jhustin a startling vision. At first he did not know how to express his vision until God guided him to write it in a book. His first book, Hot & Cold the Life of a Christian Man Part 1, was birthed from that vision. “Even though I love traveling the world and performing on stages, I must write this book” he said. 


God began to show him visions of many Christians who were once strolling along a peaceful shore, but somewhere along the way, they took a wrong turn and unintentionally strayed away from God. “I started to feel pain in my heart with a deep compassion for people,” he said.


This walk of faith will be tough at times, but through the struggles, we can put our lives in God’s hands. He can transform those who feel they have nothing left to offer the world into bright lights for Christ. Jhustin confided that “The main person I had in my mind when I wrote my first book was myself and the fiery trials and tribulations I have faced in my Christian walk. I thought about all the people in this big world who are feeling pain, who face struggles and the constant temptations this world brings to us as Christians. Seeing all that, I found it very hard to watch and do nothing. I am very aware of the pain that comes with our walk as a Christian, as we try to live right before God. To see the beautiful people of this world go through those things propels me into help mode. I desire to be an encouraging blessing to peoples Christian walk. I want to let them know that I am in this battle fighting alongside them and more importantly, God is there with them too - they are never alone. I encourage all of God’s children to hold their heads up high and put all their trust in God, for He loves us all unconditionally.“


Hot & Cold Life of a Christian Man Part 2

“Hot & Cold Life of a Christian Man Part 2” is one of those books that Jhustin knew would bring hope to people's lives, showing them the gifts and confidence that the Holy Spirit brings. Through this book, he explained the value and power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit working through us, is a weapon like no other when used correctly. “I think that knowing how to use the gift of the Holy Spirit is very important,” he noted. “When everything is going our way, we often say bold things about how strong our faith is. I have been tried through many tribulations during my spiritual walk, and those rough times are what truly tests the kind of relationship I have with God. Not so much the good times, but the rough times,” he said. “The type of things that we deal with will test us and stretch our faith if we win through God’s help. Disturbing occurrences such as different situations in our jobs, dealing with people’s mood swings, and realizing how much humility we really have when we are faced with uncomfortable situations can be strong indicators of the success our walk at the time. It must start with me. I believe we can make our lives easier if we learn how to forgive often and wholeheartedly. Forgiveness brings freedom, a freedom that will lead us to be open to receive clear answers from God.“

The Blood

His busy touring schedule delayed his second album for a long time, but it was well worth the wait. It happened to be the best record selling album in his career. “This album is dedicated to people searching for hope,” he says. With so many things happening in the world today, people are searching for answers. The main answer is will everything be okay? With social media and news outlets, people are becoming increasingly more fearful of what they are hearing and seeing. “I just want people to know that everything is going to be okay, that God is still sitting on the throne.”


“This is by far my best album but my favorite two songs on the album are the first and second songs, Stop Living in Your Past and The Blood,” he notes. These two songs really speak volumes to the world. Stop Living in Your Past is a song about moving on to the next chapter of your life. So many Christians are stuck in our past but God is saying that He forgives you for your past since you are His child. God says that His dear and only son Jesus shed His blood on the cross so that you will one day have a chance to fulfill your true destiny.

Rise Up

For everyone out there in the world who is listening to his message, Jhustin Hall serves up a musical invitation for you to stand strong in the presence of God. Finally let go of all the worry that is beating you down. Spend time with your loved ones while finding faith and strength. He looks forward and realizes that “I want to continue to write songs and books that will draw people to Christ and out of isolation and depression. I want to encourage people to stay looking up towards Heaven.”